People are Searching for Therapist Like YOU

Hundreds of people are looking for the Best Therapists to get hands on Cupping Therapy and we at Bizrah are building that Exceptional Team of Doctors Who Take Pride in Being a Part of this Cupping Revolution for India.

Why Work with Bizrah?

Earn More

Earn more than what you are making right now on your services and get a chance to serve a large audience.

Immediate Payouts

Get Paid as soon as you are done with your session directly in your Bank Account on the Same Day.

Earn Exciting Rewards

Earn Exciting Rewards while working on Bookings and get rewarded for your Work and Expertise during session.

How Does it Work?

Get a Booking

The Customer makes an appointment and the nearest therapist available to him at the particular time slot it allotted.

Selected Therapist is Notified

Selected Therapist is Notified via an E-mail and SMS about the details for Booking and address of the Customer.

Visit the Customer and Perform Session

The Therapist visits the place on the prescribed time and performs the Therapy at their place.

Get Paid

As soon as your Session is done we process your payment and pay it directly in your Bank Account.

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